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I’am Vijayan, a fullstack web developer
CSS70% CSS70%
JS75% JS75%
WordPress90% WordPress90%
WooCommerce80% WooCommerce80%
PHP90% PHP90%
Codeigniter80% Codeigniter80%
Laravel75% Laravel75%
Python380% Python380%
Flask65% Flask65%



  • Involved in integrating Contact Form 7 with the Zoho CRM lead
  • When a user submits the form, the submitted data will be synced to the Zoho CRM lead
  • We used the plugin: CF7-Zoho
  • This codeigniter product is one of the leader in digital fitness segment. Some top subscribers of our product are Golds Gym, Throwback Fitness, Brute Force, LifeFitness, Spenga etc.,
  • Build workout management system, statistics graphs of total users, exercise, workouts.
  • The gym admin create dynamic workout using many template like WOD (workout of the day), Interval, Circuit, Tandem, HIIT etc.,
  • Based on the template type chosen admin create the structure of the workout and post the workout to their desired gym location with medium like TV, Mobile and Kiosk.
  • Each posted workout live for span of chosen from and to date. Once the workout expired it won’t be shown to user.
  • Created REST API for listing workouts with exercise in various categories.
  • This mobile app is used to book plumber(s) remotely.
  • Responsible for creating all the webservices and push notification using FCM and APNS in Laravel.
  • Once user logged in he can view all available plumbers in map user can choose a plumber or post his request.
  • Interested online plumbers show their interest. User in his application can choose any one plumber company to fix their plumbing issue.
  • Plumber company notified about their job. Dispatcher can assign n number of plumbers to the job.
  • Once the job done user rates the plumber after that plumber can rate the user and finish the job.
  • This WordPress application is used show case events going to show in opera.
  • We customized the All in one event calendar to the customer needs.
  • Customised monthly calendar to show events on respective date tiles.
  • Show and remove events based on the show date dynamically.
  • Customized grid list of events to show with external buy ticket option.
  • This woocommerce projects main idea is to sell the movement theraphy downlodable video digitally.
  • We implemented the woocommerce with hss cloud service to provide the purchasing provision of the video product.
  • Once user purchased the video it will downloaded in many customized resolution at anytime by loggedin the application.
  • Other than video user can purchase the book and DVD.
  • This is an open source application for ICG (Indian Costal Guard) which provide two services they are track office’s in/out postal mail and physical files movement from different department.
  • We implemented the recording system to record the in and out mail with simple search.
  • For physical files we do a hopping process to check in/out files to various department.
  • Each files are tracked by QR code which holds the file’s unique id with CRC (Cyclic Redudancy Check).
  • In file we stick the thermal printed QR code sticker which is generated and printed during the physical file detail is entered once in our system. The user can take n number of thermal sticker printing using our application if physical file needs to be renewed.
  • For thermal printing we used Brother printer’s JavaScript SDK.
  • We implemented parent / child logic to handle division and sub division.
  • This presentation tool is developed using Yii framework.
  • We created backend system for admin to create presentation.
  • The presentation tool consists an simple editor with media uploading feature.
  • The presentation are shown as grid / list view with search filter and sorting functionality.
  • We created webservice for grid list API and individual presentation’s detail API.
  • It’s an ERP we developed for Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency.
  • In application the administrator can add benefeciary with search and sort option.
  • This application’s main purpose is to track benefeciary whether got his/her allotted LED light unit.
  • Exporting benefeciary based on different filter criteria in excel format.