About Me


Hi, I’m Vijayan, a professional LAMP web developer (Additionally I do Fullstack development and some basic devops too. Python 3 self learner) from Tamilnadu, India. Started my working career on January 2011. I pursued my Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) at Tamilnadu college of engineering during 2006-2010.

Technical Skills

At the beginning as a fresher started my career in core PHP. After few years started working in Yii framework for one of the cloud based digital marketing firm. As experience grows switched to new outsourcing and consulting firm as a senior PHP engineer which leads me to expose to Codeigniter. After few months we got a new project for that we decided to use WordPress client got interested in our custom plugin and avid knowledge in WP. So they came with new project to sell their training video online. We chosen WooCommerce as our e-commerce platform. We used Laravel for one of our client’s real time application.

As I always keen to wet my foot on new things I started learning Python3 as a hobbyist from February 2019 (still learning in 2020)

Want know more about me please download my CV.