Who am I

Hello, I’m Vijayan. I’m a full-stack WordPress developer.

My passion for computer programming started at very young age around the end of 1999 (at the age of 10 joined certification course about programming) . As the year passed my programming enthusiasm raised a level above so decided to join for Computer Engineering in a well renowned college (TCE on 2006-10), pursued it successfully.

Started my professional career in the year 2011 as a PHP developer and now majorly working on WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce & WP Blocks/Gutenberg API.

Reasons to hire me

  1. Open-source contributor
  2. Worked on a plugin that is in WP plugin repository with a 10,000+ active installation
  3. Know in-depth of Elementor source code
  4. Worked in many non documented Elementor hooks
  5. Have a sound knowledge of WooCommerce
  6. Worked in WP blocks/Gutenberg React API
  7. Good at helping and guiding people (60k people reached my solution at Stack Overflow and many through direct messaging)
  8. Cleared assessment on LinkedIn for WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, OOP, HTML, and CSS
  9. Cleared a good deal of programming and problem-solving certificates
  10. Aware of debugging and profiling
  11. Good in WordPress scalability and performance optimization
  12. Know WordPress specific unit test utility Brain Monkey
  13. Thorough in capturing test cases
  14. Have empathy and patience to help and do customer support