Who am I

Hello, I’m Vijayan. I’m a full-stack web developer.

My passion for computer programming started at very young age around the end of 1999 (at the age of 10 joined certification course about programming) . As the year passed my programming enthusiasm raised a level above so decided to join for Computer Engineering in a well renowned college (TCE on 2006-10), pursued it successfully.

Started my professional career in the year 2011 as a PHP developer and now majorly working on PHP & Python for backend and HTML, CSS & JS for frontend. Voyage is continuing…

You can download my CV

What I do


Do you want a fully functional WordPress website like Event Management System, a professional website to share about your product to the internet, Are you a non-profit I’m ready to reduce my pricing for the wellbeing of community, Knowledge base website to educate your people to know about the product/process, You need a blog for your hobby cum side hustle, Your artistic work need portfolio, need a custom plugin, what else do you have any other great idea lets do it together.


Want to widen your home grown business online, want to show your artistic work to the world and earn, want to sell your virtual video content let us do it. I’m specialised in WooCommerce administration and it’s customisation.

Custom Project

Sometimes our project scope is overwhelming and it’s feature rich we need to do it from scratch, I have a handful of solutions for your ideas. I’m expertise in CodeIgniter (PHP), Laravel (PHP) and Flask (Python). The following project and similar ideas are achievable through anyone of the mentioned MVC frameworks Digitalize your office files, Digitalize and make interactive medium for your product, Track all your data and make it online, ERP, share your customization need let we bring it together.

Excited to deliver your product online quickly but worrying about behemoth features don’t worry, by using Pareto principle we will find our optimum MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and bring more clients in shorter period the remaining part will be delivered using short span of multi-deliveries.

So as your website ages it become more feature oriented and very compelling product.

Having sparkling idea in your mind but don’t know where to start. Share your idea we will do a brainstorm and gather all business points turn it to them chunks of story points and add a features on every milestone.

Why I do

  • Because I love programming and interested to help people to solve their problems
  • Teach others by blogging and answering in stack overflow, twitter, linkedin and many other medium which makes me proud and knowledgeable
  • Learn and participate in online to know more about programming (hackerrank, freecodecamp, github)
  • Programming resonate my inner enthusiasm
  • I always said and think my work is mirror and expression of who I’m
  • Programming blessed me with many friends like you (Thank you for reading! my new friend:))

    Got interested let us discuss.
    Want to know more about my work.