Create Executable Images

Introduction In this tutorial you will learn how to create executable image file Using the image you can perform any programmatic logic behind displaying an image The image created using PHP may not look unusual except the file extension will be .php We will overcome this drawback with Apache’s htaccess file with rewrite rules to… Continue reading Create Executable Images

Inside the PHP

Introduction Ever wonder what’s inside the PHP. How every language construct, function works. How optional parameters handled. Why certain functions behave weird and want know their inner working. That’s why I bring this tutorial to how easily navigate to the function declaration and understand it easily. Since PHP is opensource you can see all source… Continue reading Inside the PHP


Tombstone is the dead code detection library for PHP In our real life most of the time we use only 20 percentage of any application frequently So using Tombstone library (GitHub link: scheb/tombstone) we will check how to remove zero times or rarely called functions As a result our codebase will get slimmer and healthier… Continue reading Tombstone