WordPress Installation Steps

  1. Download WordPress source zip from the following link WordPress Download Link
  2. Unzip the downloaded WP (WordPress) in your web server directory. For e.g. in Ubuntu the path will be /var/www/html/
    1. Command to unzip in Ubuntu server
      unzip wordpress-5.2.1.zip -d /var/www/html/
  3. Once unzipped in your web server rename as your project name for e.g. vijayan.in
    1. Shell command: mv wordpress/ vijayan.in
  4. Reload your newly copied WP site in your favourite web browser
  5. On the other hand side please confirm you created a new database for your WP site
    1. MySQL statement: CREATE DATABASE wp_learn;
    2. Refer syntax: Create Database Documentation
  6. Click the Let’s go! button (refer 4th point you will find button at the last)
  7. You will be redirected to the following screen
    1. By seeing the image itself you will get a clear idea what to enter
    2. If you are closely noted the table prefix is replaced from default wp to random string for the security purpose
    3. Though this random string table prefix is simple one this will be the first step to add a security to your site
  8. Sometimes if you don’t have a proper permission in your Linux server you will face the following error
    1. Run this shell command with apache’s user/group
    2. In Ubuntu the shell command is sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www
  9. After executed the shell command chown refresh the installation screen in your website then the screen will be similar to the following image
  10. Once you clicked the button Run the installation the following screen will appear
  11. Click the Install WordPress button it will install the WP and you will be redirected to the following final screen
  12. Once you click Log in you will be redirected admin login if you like do administration work enter your credential detail and get logged-in else enter your website URL you will be redirected to the home page