How To Add Quantity Input In Shop Page

Introduction This tutorial will teach you how to add a quantity input text box with the number type for each product in the shop page Something like this When a user clicks the add to cart ajax button instead of adding one quantity of the product it will add the quantity present in the input […]

WooCommerce Custom Product Sorting

Introduction In this tutorial you will learn how to add custom sorting for the product archive page Renaming the existing sorting option Re-ordering the option in sort dropdown Overriding sorting form template and add meaningful title for the sorting dropdown Quick overview of how to create plugin (Yes, all our customisation are plugin based except […]

WooCommerce Theme Overriding

Introduction For every task there are many good and bad ways to do that WooCommerce theming also fall under this prey like directly editing the WooCommerce template files In one fine day WooCommerce may release a new version, you unintentionally update the WooCommerce plugin which results in replace of your beautiful custom shop page into […]